Hello, my name is Natan Amster, my dream to produce the vital essences from the holy land flowers was born after years of studing the practical implementations of the Universal vital energy. The message which directed me to nature and to producing the essences told me that man should know his roots (double meaning) before he knows his god.

Searching for my roots, directed me first out to foreign countries, and only after years of learning from outer teachers, I came to the flower essences of our land. I learned to trust my inner sources, which are here with me all the time! And less on outer sources as: spiritual mentors, essences and products coming from abroad.

The vital essences of the holy land taught me by getting to know the beautiful flowers of our land, that when I trust my powers, I will find right here in the holy land everything I need to achieve emotional and physical balance. On the otherhand, when I don’t trust my powers. I will search not near, but far away from me.

The gift of love from nature The vital essences of the flowers of the holy land I got immediately when I found, that I have everything I need, to fulfil the dream.

I choose to use the skills I got from the eternal wisdom which are creativity, the ability to speak in front of people, to teach and to treat with the method I have created The flower essences of the holy land, and to give the people the knowledge I posses and the wild flowers of the holyland to create harmony, joy and love, to me, to them, to our environment and to the world. 

This website is an expression of this understanding.

This entire website is dedicated to the wonderful wild flowers of Israel and to their power. I believe that our inner world is reflected in everything which is manifested in the outer world. The power of the wild flowers of Israel reflects the inner power of whoever uses them.

Every essence of the wild flowers of Israel is natural and does not contain chemical materials. It contains: Brandy and energetic essence of an Israeli wild flower (the magic) only.

You do not swallow them, but only put them on the root of the palm – therefore there is no danger of poisoning, addiction, or violence to kosher rules.

They are produced from Israeli wild flowers in their natural environment, without the need to pick the flowers or physically damage their wholeness.

The essence is not a medicine and is not sold as a shelf product. It is tailored to the emotional – cognitive state of the person through his pulse. That is why every essence is delivered only after personal matching and personal examination and it is not a substitute to any medical or psychological treatment of any kind. It is impossible to collect an essence by phone or mail! There must be an examination before (1 and a half hours) and that you will agree that that is what suits you.

To whom the utilization of the essences of the wild flowers of Israel is designated:

1. To people who are familiar with flower essences and are curious about what are the holy land flower essences.

2. To people who are not afraid from the words spirituality or awareness.

3. To people who do not think that every “holistic therapist in flower essences” is a charlatan.

4. To people who would like to know what causes undesired outcomes in their life.

5. To people who would like to know the truth about themselves and about reality, and not only story tells about it. Yes, there is one truth, but in order to experience that you must set a meeting.

If you arrived here, here are some more words on the holy land flower essences.

If you are not satisfied with what happens in your life, then most probably your thoughts manage you and not the otherwise. The holy land flower essences will help you recognize what are your unconscious thoughts, which cause that, and will direct you in finding the way to overcome them.

Every person is aware to the poisons within the food he is consuing. Sprays, antibiotics, Allergen food, salt, sugar and even Bacteria damage our bodies. But, how many of us are aware to the poisons we insert to our bodies without awareness, without inspection and supervision?

Are you familiar with the concept “his tongue is full with venom”? The flower essences take care of the source of the poisoning venom, of the power which drives our bodies, our thoughts. We can eat the best food, drink the most clean water, but if we don’t stop using our thoughts against ourselves, stop judging or blaming others or ourselves in our condition, the poisons will keep on accumulating.

For example: Each time one of us thinks “I’m not good, or talented enough”, he harms himself and his capabilities to perform. The use of the pure thought will enable the creation of physical harmony, not less than the healthiest food in the world.

Each time we are angry at ourselves or at others, each time we carry painful memories of our past to which we cannot forgive, each time we carry guilt feelings, jealousy, hatred or envy, we damage ourselves the same way a smoking person harms his body.

Most people are not aware of the damage of smoking after the first cigarette, but only after years of usage. The same way with thought and words, the poison does not affect immediately, but when it begins to affect the physical body, the person cannot figure the connection between his thoughts and the physical symptoms, because he is unaware of their effects.

Many people are asking me how can we protect ourselves, and my answer is always the pureness of your thought. If you are clear, nothing can harm you.

The flower essences of the holy land act to purify the thoughts, they help to diagnose the poisonous thoughts which damage us and bring them to consciousness.

The flower essences act on the thoughts which create conflict between the person and reality.

The holyland flower essences “talking with flowers”.

The flower essences of the holy land are part of a discipline called frequency medicine, which treats the human body not as a physical body, but also as an energetic body, alive, vibrating, and affected by the vital energy which is called universal vital energy.

Every matter is a form of energy. Einstein proved it by his famous equation E=mc2. In other words, the whole universe, from the stars in the sky to the atoms, the basic particles of the stars, the flowers of the holy land and the human body are built of Universal energy_ in its basic form.

If so, since every matter, including our bodies is built of energy, it is not only a physical body but at the same time an energetic system, vibrating and containing universal energy which provides our body firmness and nurses it. It provides our body not only with the genetic form, food and air, but also transmits pure energy which the body needs in order to live healthy life.

To keep the balance in our life, the universal vital energy should be in balance inside our bodies. There is a great importance to genetics, food, water and air which we consume, but the basic component which affects our health and brings us out of balance is our thought.

About the thought

Our thought can cause not only a decrease in the vital energy of our bodies and brings us out of balance and brings diseases, but also to avoid us from living in happiness and joy. Since every thing is energy, the thought as a more abstract type of energy comapred to the lower level of vibration in which the solid forms which we can sense are staying. Compared to the thought which is more abstract and less solid in its essence, it has a great affect on the physical body.

The flower essences of the holyland direct to the dimension which affects the most our health and our bodies, which is our thought.

The cause to all of our diseases is simple. We are going out of balance each time our thought confronts a reality which does not suit it, for example: there is rain, a farmer will take the rain in a different way then a motorcycle rider. How can it be if it is raining on both of them? If the farmer believes the rain is good for his fields, he will be happy with the rain, and if the motorcycle rider believes the rain is bad for his security he will feel depressed when it is still raining.

The difference comes from the question what is reality? The answer is usually what we think as real. The emphasis is on the thought which defines what is real and what is not. The farmer and the motorcycle rider have different beliefs.

The solution

The flower essences of the holy land are helping people to close the gap between thought \ belief and reality. In other words our philosophy of life is what causes stress and pressure when we think we confront in the reality in events or philosophy of life which oppose ours. Remember, our belief is our truth and everything we think that opposes it could be accepted as an unwelcomed thing.

Since it is a philosophy, our phylosophy of life, it exists before the events in the Outer world reality which we resist. Again the event is not the cause of the emotional response but our thought (our thought is built on beliefs which we take as real and they become the way we see the world). Thus, the reason to the tension is created by us and we can remove it if we are ready to change.