atad-hachufLycium schweinfurthii

Mode of action:

Gives rise to the pain which stems from rejection and abandonment, teaches the person how to deal with rejection and abandonment .without him feeling any sense of victim. Enables the person stop running away and start taking responsibility

Detailed description:

 For people who have experienced rejection and abandonment in one phase or another during their lives and feels it has left them out of business, and that the rejection have left a scare within their heart. For people who are looking for love as a compensation for the damage they experienced but who at the same time are scared to be hurt once again. The essence enables the person to see that his real desire is not to force his presence upon people who do not wish for it; his real desire is that only the people who love him will stay by his side. As a means against self rejection or fear from taking responsibility, the essence helps in going through the resistance threshold of rejection especially for people who know they have something important to do and oppose doing it.